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 Announcing a new MCTA Program, "Hands-On Technical Theatre Workshops" 
Waiting for Rehearsal to Start
​​This Program is to facilitate a series of Technical Theater seminars, with hands-on training by experienced professionals conducted at various theaters throughout Monterey County. Individuals of all ages will have the opportunity to work side by side with experienced technicians during multiple live performances and learn essential theater operations. The project has been enthusiastically endorsed by local production companies and venues large and small.

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  A big challenge for our local theaters is finding experienced theatrical technicians: the creators of all that goes on backstage. What audiences remember is the performance and not the work “behind the scenes” -- the costuming, props and sets, welding, painting, lighting and sound, the raising and lowering of the curtains, “flying” the scenery, wardrobe changes (to name a few essential components of stagecraft). Overseeing all of these activities and more -- and keeping everyone safe -- is the stage manager.

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